About the Blogger


Mya Gray is a Christian teen with a love for imaginary worlds and fictional characters. While she spends the majority of her free time reading and writing stories, she also enjoys photography, blogging, and playing piano. Mya is an online high school student who resides in the Midwest with her parents, younger siblings, and cats.

. . .

Favorite books: Keeper of the Lost Cities (series), Lockwood & Co (series), Percy Jackson and the Olympians (series), The Heroes of Olympus (series), The Lunar Chronicles (series), Out of Time (trilogy).

Favorite book genres: Fantasy, mystery, adventure, dystopian, sci-fi.

Favorite band: Twenty One Pilots.

Favorite shows: Stranger Things, Sherlock (BBC), Your Lie in April.

Favorite colors: Mint green, violet, lilac, teal.

Favorite songs: Car Radio, Taxi Cab, Lovely, Morph, Neon Gravestones, Nico and the Niners, Leave the City, Ruby, Addict with a Pen, Lane Boy. (All by Twenty One Pilots and in no particular order.)

Favorite kind of tea: Herbal.

Favorite kind of coffee: Decaf caramel latte.

Favorite season: Autumn.

Favorite number: 7.