ventures and goals for summer 2021

Hey hey hey. I believe the last time I posted was the end of last summer, when I summarized some things I did. This time I’d like to start off the summer with a list of ideas to go through, and maybe you can try some of these things too. It’s already been summer for exactly three weeks for me (how), but in the time I’ve been back from vacation I’ve been thinking of so many things to do that I can’t choose. Hopefully creating this post and making daily plans will help me actually decide on which things to do, but we’ll see…

general goals ~

  1. Read a lot more. Hopefully 40 books. This is quite ambitious considering the small number of books I’ve read thus far all year, but now that I’m not doing school all day, I’m hoping to get back into the routine of reading a lot. There are so many books I have been looking forward to reading for a long time, and I really really want to finally get to a lot of them. I also haven’t won the Goodreads reading challenge since 2018, and this year I intend to accomplish my goal.
  2. Play Animal Crossing and other games on my new Switch Lite, but not too much. I want to get good use out of my switch and try some new games, but not so much that I get sick and don’t make effort for reading.
  3. MAKE ART. This is one of my most important goals. I love art but often forget it’s a thing somehow? But art is really relaxing and rewarding for me, so I want to spend as much time as possible outside in nature creating things. I’ve already done quite a bit and want to make sure I end summer a better artist than I started.
  4. Get back into writing. I don’t have precise goals for writing this summer yet, but I think I’ll plan/plot my work in progress and start writing it again. Perhaps start another idea as well. I’ll be thinking about it.
  5. Start and finish my ASL course. ASL is so cool and important and I can’t wait to start learning this language. 🙂
  6. Read the Bible more. This is the most important thing and if all else fails, I hope I spend a good amount of time reading Scripture.

slightly more specific ideas ~

  1. Do a “PowerPoint night” with my friend. I saw this idea on Pinterest and it seemed highly fun and entertaining. I don’t feel like explaining it though, so moving on
  2. Go to nature reserves or parks to wander and relax. Nature reserves are really pretty and probably underutilized. Who doesn’t want to wander through forests and picnic by lakes and feel like an artsy explorer who lives in a cottage away from society? Well, as long as there are some days that aren’t too hot, it should be a lovely time.
  3. Play volleyball by myself because I’m a hermit. It’s actually pretty fun to pretend I’m Oikawa Tooru while attempting to serve against the wall and failing miserably. My neighbor Mr. Forkle probably thinks I’m a disgrace to the neighborhood, but oh well. It’s physical activity.
  4. Make a bunch more homemade stickers. They’re really cute and fairly easy to make. I’ll probably make a whole bunch more and cover everything with them, and send them to friends.
  5. Watch anime movies. I have a lot more Studio Ghibli movies to watch, and some others I’m interested in. I look forward to checking them out from the library and having chill movie nights with myself.
  6. Send snail mail. Writing letters and making or collecting fun extras to include is a special way to keep in contact with other humans. I definitely recommend sending something homemade to your friends if you can, I bet they’ll really appreciate it.
  7. Go to a bookstore and get boba tea on my birthday. Because what could be better?
  8. Scavenge thrift stores. This seems scary and fun. But thrifting is a good way to get things that are cheap, unique, and not being manufactured new just for you.
  9. Visit (or be visited by) my best friend. I NEED TO MEET YOU.
  10. Camp in the backyard with my sister sometime because I told her I would. I’m scared we’ll be attacked or murdered in the night, but I suppose I should conquer my fear if I’m going to fulfill my dream of living in a shed one day.
  11. Learn some songs and pieces I like on piano. This is always a rewarding and beneficial use of time. I just have to remember the piano exists because it’s in the basement and if I don’t see it, I don’t remember it. 😐
  12. Get my hair chopped off to my chin because long hair is a burden. And bleach it. My hair is only around an inch or two past my shoulders but it already feels too long.
  13. Blackmail the sun and my skin into giving me more freckles. If anyone knows ways to do this, besides simply being in the sun, tell me.

I may have more ideas, but alas my brain is not conjuring them at the moment. So I shall end this before I ramble too much. Have a lovely day, and peace out ✌

10 thoughts on “ventures and goals for summer 2021

    1. Freckles are adorable, I hope you can get some more! You should definitely try strawberry or mango. Those are my favorites, though I think they’re the only ones I’ve had… Thank you for the sweet comment!

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  1. Cool goals! To blackmail the sun, you’ve got to first negotiate with the North Wind to blow some clouds in front of it. Then threaten to never remove them if the sun doesn’t give you what you want. *nod nod*

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  2. Well well, look what hermit appeared to grace us with her presence. I must say, you have a fun filled summer ahead of you. I will continue blackmailing Justin and demand that he opens the borders so I can see you. Either that or bribe the border patrol people to let me through. Nothing will stop me from meeting my fren.

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    1. Justin will have no choice but to bow to our demands. He has no power over us. We will find a way, so he might as well choose the easy way. But there’s always Plan B. *cackles*
      You have also become a hermit in the blogging world. Return to us, dearest comrade and fren


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