bookstores, golden clouds, and the great outdoors (florida photography)

Hello, humans. How are you? Back in June, I went to Florida for a week. It was a pretty chill time to kick off summer break, but we had quite a few adventures. Stick around for some (hopefully) pretty pictures and spontaneous commentary. 🙂

I have a lot more photography to share from Colorado, but that’ll be another post. And I’ll try to throw in a bookish or writing post in between for some variety.

We got to visit a few indie bookstores on this trip, which of course I loved. This one store was completely dedicated to mystery books… I wouldn’t mind going there again someday and spending more time perusing the shelves. I could use some more mystery books in my life.

Have any of you read this yet? I’ve heard mixed opinions, but I personally really look forward to reading it.

My brother and I had some fun making a reading vlog over the course of the week. Unfortunately, YouTube will never be graced with our insanity.

A few minutes into this beach trip, the sky opened up. Let’s just say we got soaked as we ran blindly through the downpour and to the safety of the car. And so did the book in my backpack. Within These Lines‘s hardcover is now a bit wrinkled. 😥

Here are some promised golden clouds! They were even more stunning in real life. I had to run through the conference center at the hotel looking for a good view. I found this patio, took off one flip flop to hold the door open just in case I got stuck out there, and snapped a bunch of pictures.

A zoomed-in view from our room.

The trail had a lot of signs with nature quotes, which were pretty interesting.

It’s a lovely world, isn’t it?

Thanks for taking time to look at these pictures and listen to my random stories. All 300 of you. I promise to check in a little more.

Have a beautiful rest of your summer and an even more beautiful autumn. 🙂


12 thoughts on “bookstores, golden clouds, and the great outdoors (florida photography)

  1. FLORIDA REPRESENT! It’s a great place to visit, but not to live in. It never snows, constantly rains almost all-year around, nothing ever dies, Florida Men committing the most zany crimes, floods are very likely. I’m just grateful I live in one of the most peaceful and upkept cities in Florida.

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  2. Anyways, I’d say I’m glad to live here still, because we got the beach, we have good friends here, nice trails, good tourist attractions (Yeah, pretty known), and the fact I study weather goes nicely with the erratic switch between storms and sunshine. I also want to start a blog about happenings in Coral Springs, but not only do I not have a phone I can use (I got banned from using it), I barely get a chance to go out into the city part of Coral Springs.

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