Reintegration book review + Underground cover reveal!

Greetings! Today, author Ashley Bogner is releasing the cover of Underground, book two in her YA dystopian trilogy. I am excited to be participating in the cover reveal, and I thought it would be fun to share my review of the first book, Reintegration, as well!

Reintegration by Ashley Bogner – Review


A unique, hope-filled dystopian story.
Wow. Reintegration was an amazing book. The main character, Katherine, goes through a crazy transformation–from a law-abiding citizen who never questions what she’s taught to who she is at the end. Her character was well-developed and I could empathize with her. I could completely understand her confusion about the world, too, considering her circumstances.
Matthew was a sweet character. Sometimes he seemed a little too perfect, but overall he was pretty great. I wish we could’ve actually known more about him before the end, but it makes sense why we couldn’t. I look forward to learning more about him in book two. 😀
The Federation was also very well built. It was a bit similar to other dystopian cities, but there were enough differences. The occupations that we got to hear about were different from other books.
I loved this because unlike other dystopians, this story has hope. Matthew tells Katherine The Good News and she is saved. She immediately wants the rest of her city to know about God and His Son. I love seeing the gospel in YA (but it’s a rare occasion I do), and it was presented very well in this book.
Also, the whole concept of the world is SO POSSIBLE, ITS CREEPY. I can SO see this forming. Basically the Federation passed “the tolerance act”, which forbids anyone to believe things are right and wrong. Saying those words could result in a violation. Three violations and you’re executed. The intolerants who live outside the city wall are taught to be violent, reckless terrorists. The intolerants oppose the intolerance act, continuing to believe in right and wrong, and in the case of many of them, spread the gospel. The tolerance act is something I can sadly see people rooting for today. This future was scary, but realistic.
I recommend to all teen/YA readers.

About the author

Ashley Bogner is a nerdy author who lives in Utah with her nerdy theologian husband who may possibly own more books than she does. She is a homeschool graduate who wrote her first “novel” when she was in fifth grade (which was really a thirty-page story about talking cats she is grateful no one will ever read). It’s a rare occasion when she isn’t writing—she works as a technical writer at her day job and writes novels in her spare time. 

In 2017, she published her debut novel, Reintegration, a dystopian novel for teens. The sequel, Underground, is scheduled for release later in 2019. Ashley writes young adult science fiction and fantasy novels that explore themes of sacrifice, redemption, and hope. 

Ashley may or may not be the stereotypical author who loves fancy coffee drinks, chocolate, and lengthy chats about her favorite books.






Presenting the cover for the sequel, Underground!



Isn’t it so cool?!? It makes me even more excited to read the book. The fonts, the colors, the smoke… it’s epic. I’m sure you all want to keep gawking at the gorgeous cover, but I bet you’ll also want to read the amazing synopsis. You can go back to staring at the cover after that. 😉 Here it is…

Katherine Holliday has left behind her life in the Federation. She is ready to start a new one with Matthew and the Intolerants. But it isn’t long before the Underground leaders send her on a mission that takes her back to the Federation. Katherine finds herself in City 1, with the help of new and unexpected allies, in an attempt to locate information that could help the Underground escape the Council’s battle plan called Project Endgame.

But the Federation has changed and the Council is more desperate than ever. While back in the Federation, Katherine uncovers a tangled web of deception and manipulation. Haynes isn’t the only one with secrets, and the question of who to trust becomes harder to answer.

Ahhh! I can’t wait until August 24… which is when it comes out, by the way. I forgot to mention that earlier. 😛 So mark your calendars, everyone! And if you haven’t read Reintegration yet, what are you doing? Go read it!

Have a lovely day!

~ M Y A

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