5 Things You Didn’t Know about Hide and Seek (spoiler free)

Greetings! Long time no see. I can’t believe it is February, and I only posted once last month! January was such a busy month with school. I had to finish up my semester and take my final exams. There has been hardly any time to read, write, and blog. Oh, and I just got braces. But February will be better!

Today I am sharing five facts you didn’t know about my book, Hide and Seek.

1. Originally, Amara and Rowan weren’t friends.

That’s right. When I started writing this book, Amara didn’t even know Rowan. She met him at Little Latte, her mom’s coffee shop, and they became instant friends for no reason.

2. None of the fantasy elements were present when I started planning this book.

When I got the idea for Hide and Seek and started planning, it was only a mystery with no fantasy in the book! If you’ve read the book, you know what the fantasy elements I’m talking about are.

3. Amara’s hair and eye color changed… a lot.

When I wrote the first chapter of this book at midnight in a little journal, Amara had strawberry blonde hair and hazel eyes. For some reason I changed it later to blonde, but that only lasted a couple weeks before I realized that wasn’t how I pictured her at all. So this time I made her hair red, which is how it is in Hide and Seek. I eventually gave her gray eyes, but I’m pretty sure I juggled back and forth between multiple eye colors before I found the one that fits.

 4. I started writing Hide and Seek when I was 12.

Hide and Seek began on January 1, 2017, at Aaliyah’s house. (She’s the dedication in the book.) We were having a sleepover on New Years Eve and just randomly said, “Let’s write books!” And so we scoured Pinterest for writing prompts, before finding the ones that inspired our novels. Then we ransacked baby name websites for hours. By the time we took a break to sleep, it was well past midnight. XD

5. Much of Hide and Seek was written at a soccer place.

While my brothers were at a soccer practice or game, I was sitting at the table outside writing. Here’s proof. XD

IMG_2136 (Edited)

Look at me, trying to look so serious and dramatic. XD

. . .

Well, that’s all for this post! I hope you enjoyed reading it, and let me know if you want to see another one of these, but a spoiler edition. 🙂 Have a beautiful day!

~M Y A

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