My Twenty One Pilots Concert Experience

Greetings! A few months ago, I experienced a day that lived up to the hype. If I could, I would turn back time and relive it. That day was the Twenty One Pilots concert. That’s right, the legendary Tyler and Josh came to my hometown to perform.

Hearing their music live is something that you can’t experience by simply listening to your car radio.

When they entered the stage, the roar of the audience was louder than a pet cheetah. My blood rapidly pulsed through my veins; my hands were shaking with excitement.

The voices of their fans sing in unison. They are united by their love for the musicians on stage and the songs that they listen to on repeat.

IMG_E0079The lights blinked and flashed around Tyler, and the crowd went wild. His voice rang through the stadium, and I belted out every lyric with him.

When Neon Gravestones began, the crowd sang quieter, tears filling many fans’ eyes as Tyler’s voice penetrated hearts.

The Banditos in the crowd sang their anthem with pride, the yellow stripes on our army green jackets seemingly glowing in the room.

I’ll end with these lyrics.

In time I will leave the city,

for now I will stay alive.

Though I’m far from home,

in Trench I’m not alone.

These faces facing me

they know

what I mean.

||-M Y A- //


11 thoughts on “My Twenty One Pilots Concert Experience

  1. OMG I LOVE TWENTY ONE PILOTS!!!!!!!!! There was a local TOP concert on Halloween, my mom’s birthday, but she didn’t want to go because it was Halloween in DC. I love watching those videos! Neon Gravestones is an awesome song and I like the lyrics. I used to be embarrassed to like Twenty One Pilots because I generally like rock music, but I found out that it’s okay to mix it up.
    I hope that you had a great time! Looks like it!!!!
    -Christina ||-//

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    1. Ikr they are the best! I listen to their songs pretty much everyday and never get bored. XD Yeah that makes sense, it’s too bad they weren’t there on a different day. Thanks for your sweet comment, Christina!
      ~Mya ||-//

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