Emily Out of Focus | Book Review

Greetings! Happy Friday! I cannot believe Christmas is coming so soon. Today I’m sharing another book review, this time for a new release coming out in 2019. I was lucky enough to be able to pre-read it in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own, and a positive review was not required.



Emily Out of Focus was such a cute and meaningful story! The plot follows Emily, a twelve-year-old girl whose family is about to travel to China to adopt a baby sister. Emily isn’t quite on board with the big sister thing, but she still has high hopes for her trip to China. Sure, she has quite a few fears that she will have to conquer on her trip, starting with flying in an airplane. But she is an aspiring photographer, and plans on capturing the perfect photos to use as her entry for a contest that could get her into a photojournalist camp in New York. She loves photography, just like her grandma did, and wants to prove to her parents how serious she is about it.
        Emily soon meets Catherine, a girl her age whose family is part of the group traveling to China to adopt. Catherine was adopted from China when she was an infant, and is returning to her birthplace for the first time. Despite their differences, they quickly become close friends when Catherine asks her to help her find her birth mother. Emily agrees, secretly hoping that this is the story that will ensure her a place at the photojournalist camp. On their adventures, they learn the importance of friendship, family, and trust.

My Thoughts

I thought this book was a fun, fast-paced read! I’m passionate about adoption (as in I think adoption is amazing and I hope to adopt when I’m an adult) and I don’t see very much of it in fiction. Maybe that’s just me? I also love the topic of travel in books, so I loved seeing China and learning a bit about the culture there. I think the whole idea or this book is great and hope it reaches a ton of young readers.
             Now, there were a few things about this book I didn’t love. Emily is supposed to be twelve, but she didn’t act like it. I felt like she was ten, maybe eleven. She seemed a little childish, especially about the whole “I don’t like change and being a big sister scares me” thing. I just felt like it seemed too young for her. She also was a bit whiny and annoying at times. I also wasn’t really impressed about the amount of lying the kids did in this book.

Overall, this was a really good read! I give it 3.5 out of 5 Stars.
I recommend you pre-order it, so you can read it as soon as it comes out! Have an amazing day!

~M Y A

4 thoughts on “Emily Out of Focus | Book Review

    1. Thanks Carlye! And aww, thank you! I like it a lot better than my old one. I figured that since my blog is called “Life From Behind A Camera,” my header should be a photo I’ve taken. And it was an light, easy read. I read it in one sitting. 😉 I really enjoyed reading it, though!


  1. Cool book review 🙂 This sounds interesting, as I know many families who have adopted Chinese children… (probably because I live in China…) 😉
    Also, the new blog header is gorgeous! You took that picture?

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