Summer Bucket List Results // 2018

Greetings! Summer has been over for a little bit now, and I realized I never did a post on what I accomplished on my summer bucket list. So, here’s what I did this summer!


  1. Go star gazingimg_7479
  2. Have a huge water balloon fight. img_8615.jpg
  3. Go swimming with friendsimg_9232
  4. Find an ice cream truck. Sadly not 😦 20180613_101904
  5. Color my hair. √ DSC06482
  6. Sleep in a tent. x img_9280
  7. Work out every day√ Almost every day? I’m going to count it because it was definitely something. img_9402.jpg
  8. Become friends with one of my neighbors. x img_9626
  9. Finish writing my book.  Yeah! *Throws confetti* img_9682
  10. Pull an all-nighter. √ (BTW this photo has nothing to do with me pulling an all-nighter, its from when I was crying over a book) DSC06916
  11. Read 30 books. No, but I read 25. img_9275.jpg
  12. Fill a photo album. I bought a scrapbook but haven’t filled it yet…

. . .

I think I accomplished a good amount this summer, and have so many good memories to look back on. 🙂

~M Y A

11 thoughts on “Summer Bucket List Results // 2018

    1. Are you looking in the WordPress reader? Try clicking “visit site” and it might work. The pics aren’t showing up in the reader for me either.


  1. It looks like a great summer! So much diversity. The only one I wouldn’t want to do is an all- nighter. Oh and maybe sleep in a tent. I’ve done that. Not fun for me.

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  2. You did so much this summer! Great job!
    My cousin and I saw an ice cream truck so we waited until it drove by, then ran after it waving our arms. Though when it stopped, we just kept on running by like nothing happened!

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    1. Thanks! Haha, I’ve NEVER seen an ice cream truck (besides once but it was at an event where it was hired to sit there) and I REALLY wanted to see one this summer, but sadly not. 😥


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