Greetings, earth! Today I’m going to answer the questions you left in my last post about Hide and Seek.

From Silverfoxstudios:

How would you react if your house was blown down by a wolf?
Amara: Uhhh, I would probably make sure my mom was safe, and then run outside with a wooden bat and threaten it. When it wouldn’t back down, I would probably taunt it and stupidly chuck stuff at its head.

Rowan: I would run away?

Asher: Try to protect my little siblings from it.

If given the opportunity, would you take over the world?
Amara: No.

Rowan: No.

Asher: No.

Atlas: *Maliciously grins* Yessss.

Do you have a secret crush?
Amara: Eww no. *crosses arms and glares at you*

Rowan: *Blushes* NO! No, I mean… of course not. *Coughs awkwardly*

Asher: *is confused* ….no?

Would you let me be your friend even if you didn’t know me?

Amara: Yeah, sure!

Rowan: Sorry… I don’t have friends.

Amara: HEY!

Rowan: I mean besides you. *Rolls eyes*

Asher: No, I don’t trust you.

From Liz:

Why did you choose the title Hide and Seek? Because it all starts with a game of hide and seek, and it continues throughout the whole book.
Who was your favorite character to write? I really liked writing Rowan and Asher.
Who was your least favorite character to write? I didn’t really have one? I liked writing all of my characters, but I guess Asher was the most difficult because of his past.
Did you ever take any breaks from writing this book? Yes, a lot of unofficial ones. I would go months without writing (Mostly because of school) so most of this book was written this summer and last summer.
How are you going to publish it? I’m self-publishing through CreateSpace!

From Tess:

What are your characters’ MBTIs? Rowan is apparently an ISFJ-T. He’s the only one I know. XD

From Rose:

What was the most difficult part of writing it? Probably staying consistent, and knowing what to write next. In the beginning I had an idea of what the whole book would be like, but it COMPLETELY changed as I went on.
What’s your advice for someone who wants to write a novel? Do it! Don’t let self doubt stop you from pursuing your talent. And NEVER compare your first draft to a book on your bookshelf, like Harry Potter or Keeper. Because I know that Shannon Messenger worked on Keeper for years and went through multiple drafts and had it professionally edited. Every bestsellers started as a really rough rough draft.
Did you do a lot of planning or did you just make it up as you went? I attempted to plan as I went, but my characters still managed to veer off the path many times. Towards the middle, my plans actually stuck but I was still making up a lot as I went.

From Rose (A purpose of winged dogs):

What inspired you to write Hide and Seek? Storytime! Ok, so it was New Years Eve, and I was at Aaliyah’s (one of my besties) house. It was around 11 p.m. Then and we decided that we should each write books. We spent hours on Pinterest trying to find writing prompts, and browsing baby name websites. At 12 a.m., I decided on the names Amara, Rowan, and Asher, the writing prompt that inspired the book, and the name “Hide and Seek”.
Did you consider other titles for it? No, I’ve known the title since the day I came up with the story.
How did you pick your character’s names? Like I said before, a baby name website. XD I immediately fell in love with their names.

. . .

That’s all the questions you guys asked me! It was actually really fun to answer them, especially the ones where my characters answered. Thanks for reading!
Do you want to read Hide and Seek?

~M Y A


    1. Thanks! Here are some questions for your characters:
      Which of you is most likely to freak out because of a bug?
      Which of you is most likely to accidentally burn down the house cooking?

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