DAY 1: July 1

YAY DAY ONE OF NANO!!! I barely wrote anything, but that’s because I only started at 11 and only got to write for about 40 minutes before I ran out of screen time. As you can see in the photo above, Delilah, Posey and Boone were there for support. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ (fun fact, I got them all while traveling).

DAY 2: July 2


I wrote a lot today! (At least for me. I know some people can write like 6,000+ words a day but lol nope not me)

My goal was 1,500 words for the day so I surprisingly exceeded it!

Oh btw I just have to show you my mug:

Isn’t it cute? I got it in Texas, and I think it’s very fitting for this blog.

DAY 3: July 3


First of all: LOOK HOW AMAZING THIS COFFEE LOOKS OMGOSH. I love caramel. And whipped cream. And sugar. *goes insane*

Yeah I was pretty proud of that so I had to show you. Coffee and other delicious breakfasts are what give me energy to write. πŸ‘πŸ»

AND LOOK HOW ADORABLE CUPCAKE IS. I’m so proud of her. I just bought this cat bed for her. She never sleeps in cat beds when I buy them for her, but it was on clearance and I was hopeful. I tried to train her to go in it that night, but I started to doubt myself. And guess what?? The next morning I found her sleeping in it! And she slept in it for hours that day! And the day after that! And right now, as I’m writing this, she’s sleeping in it. So I guess I did something right??

I just realized none of this has anything to do with writing but WHATEVER.

I’m sure that you dear readers are wondering how Hide and Seek is coming along. Well I’m happy to report that I’m almost done with draft 1! I’m so sad to say goodbye to the characters. 😭But I’m happy to finally be able to edit and revise!! πŸŽ‰

Like I think I probably have 4 to 5 chapters left. 😱 now it seems like I could do that in like a day or two, but I just have a vague idea with what’s happening in them and don’t have much detail. But I think that in at least two weeks, I’ll be ready to edit!!

DAY 4: July 4


Whatttt?? I don’t know why I wrote so little, but I guess it’s better than nothing? *shrugs*

DAY 5: July 5


I was in the car for 7 hours this day, but look! When we finally got to the hotel room, I had my own room with a desk! πŸ‘πŸ»

DAY 6: July 6


Today we didn’t have to wake up in the morning to go somewhere, so I got to write for a while!

DAY 7: July 7





I was in the car all day and just read.


Okay so that was my Camp Nano week 1! My week one total is…..


I think I did ok for this week! I’ve made a lot of progress on my story. Let me know who else is doing Nano, and how your stories are going!


3 thoughts on “CAMP NANOWRIMO 2018: WEEK 1

  1. You made great progress! Even on the day you wrote zero it was important because it was down time for you to recharge. And I’m so happy Cupcake has taken to her bed. Maybe she just likes to enjoy a good bargain like you do. ❀️

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