A letter to my fictional crush

Happy Valentines Day! And guess what… I’m not a single Pringle!!!! Guess who my boyfriend is??







To Lockwood

(I got this picture from Google, credit to whoever owns it!!)

Lockwood, fighting by your side is my most favorite thing in the entire world. The thrill of danger and adventure, you and I standing side by side. With our silver rapiers, we destroy every problem life throws at us. We fight for each other. I would be willing to be ghost touched for you. Your willingness to give up everything for me makes me feel so guilty, I know my safety is not worth your life. But to you it is. I’m am daily stunned by your patience, praise, and advice. Anthony Lockwood, I will love you more and more with each passing day.


Ok, now that the cheesy-but-true letter is out, NOW MY BOYFRIEND HAS BEEN CONFIRMEDDDDD.

Happy Valentines Day! Are you single or taken? Who are your fictional crushes/boyfriends?


25 thoughts on “A letter to my fictional crush

  1. GURRRL I can totally relate, except my crushes are KPOP stars.celebrity and fiction crushes are so much better than real-life crushes, because there’s no emotional pressure and we know we’ll never get them haha!I love your blog, keep blogging!I’d love for you to check my blog out too!

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