Hide And Seek WIP UPDATE


I haven’t talked about Hide And Seek for a while, so I thought that this would be a good post for today. I have been in a writing slump recently, and basically all of January has been a break.

During December I worked pretty hard on this book, but thanks to the writer’s block that hit me at the end I wasn’t able to go farther. 😐


Words: 23,708

Pages: 121

Chapters: 14

I did have 25k, but I had to delete some of the stupid terribleness that was the source of the writer’s block. If it wasn’t for that awful chapter, I wouldn’t have stopped writing for eternity. 😡

She struggled against the painful thoughts for another hour, but was stopped when a long awaited and dreaded phrase came from Rowan’s lips.
“We’re here.”


Amara growled. “You better take us to him.”
“Oh, we will.” There was a hint of glee in her words.

Oh, the joy of torturing the innocent characters. Our puppets, who are controlled and manipulated to create a book. that was weird

Rowan slowly backed away, and towards the edge of the cliff.


“Asher?” He didn’t respond. Sweat began dripping down his forehead, and he bit into his lip so hard it began to bleed.

As you can tell, I was having fun with this chapter. 😉

No, not a room. Amara realized as memories flooded back. A cell.

I know this has been short, but I wanted to quickly update everyone on where I was so far. I would say I’m about 80% of the way through? *shrugs*

So… bye for now!

Do you have any tips on defeating writer’s block?


16 thoughts on “Hide And Seek WIP UPDATE

  1. AHHH I loved the snippets! Hide and Seek sounds AMAZING!

    Ugh, writer’s block is the woooorst. What helps me is to brainstorm and outline the book before writing—that solves writer’s block concerning what happens next plotwise. During the actual nitty-gritty of writing a scene, if I ever get stuck on how a charrie should respond or act, I close my eyes and imagine the scene as a movie and play around with different options.

    I hope you defeat writer’s block soon! You got this. 💪💪💪 And MORE SNIPPETS PLZ.

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  2. To defeat writer’s block? These are what I do, but they might help.
    First tactic – plort your character to a new place, situation or world and see how they react. Oftentimes you’ll stumble across something you can use in your plot. For example, I took my charrie Syre and just RANDOMLY made him go buy a hot dog. Like yeah, he went and got a hot dog. But I learned a lot more about him once I switched to his perspective and just let him brood for a bit.
    Second tactic – put this story on back burner and write something else. Don’t stop writing completely, and certainly don’t abandon this story forever, but play with another idea until something good comes to mind.
    Third tactic – pizza.

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  3. Oooh, writing block is really tough! Once I get in a writing slump, I feel like I’ll never write again.
    The snippets are great, though! Keep on writing!

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