It’s Beginning to look a lot like Christmas 

Welcome to my blog if it’s your first time stopping by! If you’re one of my loyal readers, then hello! Thanks for coming back! I hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving. 

We put up the Christmas tree on Thanksgiving, and of course I had to take some photos. 

Cats and Christmas tree bokeh. The perfect combination. 

Me arranging the branches. 

I think that’s it for now! Thanks for reading! 

What was your favorite picture? And what was your high and low of this weekend? 

46 thoughts on “It’s Beginning to look a lot like Christmas 

      1. Bokeh is the blurred light in the background of photos (Usually macro or close-ups) that tends to show up in circles. To do this it really just depends on your camera, but when I focus on something and there is light in the background, it immediately forms bokeh. Sometimes it is hard to get if you don’t have a camera!

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      2. Ok good! I have a speech due tomorrow I’m not even halfway done with, and I’m going to miss school all next week so i’ll have a lot of work! And I’m collabing with someone else, so ill have to wait until I’m done with all that!


  1. Wow, I LOVE the Christmas Tree bokeh – so pretty!! A high was our Thanksgiving dinner – we had some friends over and it was really fun. A low was that we literally just dropped off my older brother at college from Thanksgiving Break. ;,(

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  2. Oh my gosh, these are BEAUTIFUL!! The bokeh! The tree! The cat! You! Aaaaaaah you’re such a good photographer. Lovely post, dear.
    High of this week: My cousins were here

    Lows: they just left ;(

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  3. Amazing photos, Mya! I ,<3 your new profile pic! This is a random post request, but do you think you could do a review of your polaroid camera and give some tips and tricks on how to use it? (I'm asking for one for Christmas 😉 )

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  4. Mya, I am new to your blog and WOW, I love it! The picture of you arranging the tree branches is so cool! I also love the cat photos:) Definitely following!

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      1. I can’t find the email either, but basically I said I’m REALLY SORRY for not being able to do it! I never even saw your emails because I was on a trip and my phone is broken. By the time I got back, I just then saw all the messages and saw that we weren’t gonna do it. Hopefully we can collab another time, sorry for all the inconveniences.


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