A Day Downtown (Photography)

Haiiiii. So back in June I went downtown for the day and I took pictures for a post. Guess what?? I never posted them. So that’s what I’m doing today.


Hey look, I can see the Arch!
I thought this building looked pretty cool.


So we went and ate at Crown Candy, which is in downtown St. Louis. It was really good, I particularly enjoyed this coffee shake! We also bought a box of taffy.


So next, we went to the Arch!


I saw a bunch of cool buildings on the way there.


Please excuse the blurriness, we were driving. XD



So then we got to the Arch! My phone died on the way up, so I took pictures on my Dad’s phone. Which is why they will not be in this post today. 🙂 Thanks for reading!


21 thoughts on “A Day Downtown (Photography)

  1. St. Louis is so much fun! I went there for church camp over the summer, the funnest place is the Fun City Museum! 🙂 The arch is really cool too, until the park rangers kindly ask your youth pastor to stop the kickball game because it’s endangering the other people. 😛
    -Rose ❤

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