My Current Novel WIP (Writing Updates #1)

Hello fellow writers, bookworms, bloggers, and people of the universe. It is I, Mya, here today to tell YOU about my current work in progress.

What is it already?
My current WIP is a novel called…




Hide And Seek!

Here are some facts about Hide And Seek:

Genre: Fiction, Fantasy, Action, Mystery

Reading level: 10+ 

When I came up with the idea for it: January 1, 2017

How far I am right now: I’m on page 30, and my word count is 6270.

Here is the current summary:

            Amara Clark isn’t normal. Her whole life she has been haunted by memories-memories of a boy who she claimed was her friend. When Asher disappears in a simple game of hide and seek, Amara is eager to figure out where this mysterious boy could have gone.
She searches relentlessly for clues about Asher’s  life, and when she finds nothing to prove his existence, she knows something isn’t right. In the first book of the Hide And Seek series, Amara reveals the truth behind Asher’s disappearance, and realizes what danger this childhood friendship has dragged her into.

Do you like it? 🙂 Leave feedback down below.

Now as for the cover… I’m going to do a cover reveal on July 21! So put it on the calendar! 

ALSO: I made a password-protected page on this blog for Hide And Seek! On it I will post exclusive sneak peeks, behind the scenes, excerpts and general updates. BUT ONLY THE FIRST TEN COMMENTS WILL BE GIVEN THE PASSWORD TO ACCESS IT! If you want access, comment saying so! Comment using a valid email I can reach you with, because I will need to email you the passcode!

That’s about it! Comment away!

Does Hide And Seek sound interesting to you? Leave feedback below!




48 thoughts on “My Current Novel WIP (Writing Updates #1)

      1. Oh, I meant to tell you!
        I’ve made a Camp Nanowrimo cabin called “The WordPress Authoresses”, for all my WordPress friends. If you could give me your Camp username, then I would love to invite you! (Note: You have to make a project before I can invite you.) {Tess}

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      2. Awesome! Like YWP, Camp Nano is a set-your-own-goal. So even if you only did one thousand words, you’d still be a winner. 🙂

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