Keeper of the Lost Cities Blogging Tag!

Woah, that sure is a long name. XD

Hey people! I just made a blogging tag! I made the Keeper of the Lost Cities Blogging Tag! Who knows if this already exists.  Anyways, here is the picture I made for it!


So here are the rules:

  • Thank the blog who nominated you.

  • List all the rules.

  • Answer the 10 questions about KOTLC that are listed


  • Nominate 5 people who are KOTLC fans


Here are the questions to answer:

  •  Who is your favorite KOTLC character? If it is Sophie, who is your second favorite character?

  • What are your KOTLC ships?

  • Which book is your favorite?

  • Which book is your least favorite?

  • Do you like Keefe or Tam better?

  • Do you like Biana or Linh better?

  • Who do you think Sophie’s biological parents are?

  • How many stars would you rate the series (Out of five stars)?


  • Are you excited for Nightfall?

  • Have you preordered Nightfall yet?


I nominate…


Charis Rae





Now what are you doing? If you were nominated, GO DO THIS TAG!



33 thoughts on “Keeper of the Lost Cities Blogging Tag!

  1. KEEPER OF THE LOST CITIES!!!!!!! *Runs around screaming* Wow, that was loud… Anyway I absolutely LOVE the idea of this tag! I’m curious, since you’re the creator of this tag what are your answers for the questions?


  2. Sorry, for the comment from the blog Anhsang, I forgot I was using my dad’s computer, (typical me…) Anyway don’t worry if you get a comment from Anhsang, that’s just my dad’s blog.

    – Staf ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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