Fluffy, Furry Creatures (ADORABLE)

Greetings! As you can tell, this post is about fluffy, adorable little animals.

BABY animals, to be exact.

They are….



Okay, so maybe they aren’t what come to your mind when you think about fluffy animals. But they are ADORABLE, and the groundhog that has been living under our porch for a few years just had FIVE baby groundhogs! They are so cute!



See what I mean? They’re ADORABLE AND FLUFFY AND AHHHHH. I’m pretty proud of these pictures!


What did you think? Do you now love groundhogs? What is your favorite animal?thumbnail_image1



29 thoughts on “Fluffy, Furry Creatures (ADORABLE)

    They are SO adorable! You got some great pictures of them, too! I found it funny how you just casually said: “the groundhog that has been living under our porch” XD Is that a common thing where you live? I want a groundhog now! XD

    -Clara ❤

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      And thank you! At first they were scared of me when I went out, but when I was really slow they came out and got used to me. And LOL, it’s not really common, but we have a bunch of small rocks under the porch so they probably made a burrow under there! And maybe you will find one!

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      And thank you so much! I got anywhere from 1-5feet away, but I was using a zoom lens too so that helped. Thanks!


  2. AWWWW AAHHHH HEEEEELP THEY ARE SOOOO CUTEEEEE! XD XD XD I just want to SQUISH THEM! Okay, maybe not because they’d probably bite, but still. XD Wow, those are amazing pictures, Mya! The groundhogs around here are WAY too skittish to get pictures like that. If they saw me looking at them with a camera, they would hide right away. XD So yeah, I loved these pictures!

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      1. You’re quite welcome! I still can’t believe you got those pictures! Do you know what zoom lens you have? (I saw you telling Megan about a zoom lens in the comments. 😉 ) I really want to get one soon and I’m open to suggestions!

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      2. I have a Sony Alpha 6000, and the zoom lens I was using is a “Sony E 55-210 mm”. You have a Nikon, right? I’m not sure if it would work for yours then, but maybe!


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